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I want to update all of our supporters.

Mission Update

 I Like to keep all of my mission supporters updated on the latest events and distributions we have accomplished, as of July 01 2023 we have distributed a total of 825 new wheelchairs since we first began in late 2015; in 2019 we recognized the need for walkers, crutches and canes, it was a neglected and much needed ministry, so we made our first distribution in the December of the same year.
On our last May mission trip we distributed a mixed total of 150 mobility products, all thanks to our devoted ministry partners.
Our future plans and goal is to continue along this line of ministry, we will be raising money to purchase a total of 150 walking assistance devices as well as a minimun of 15 new wheelchairs. We will continue to manufacture special needs wheelchairs in our shop, in Urubamba Peru, but this will be a limited availability production because of the political turmoil the nation has  been in , causing low emplyement and ultimately a lack of volunteers to work in the production facility.
We are currently doing 2 mobility distributions every year, one in June and one in December, our December distribution also includes a Christmas distribution of clothing, toboggans, socks and toys for children as well as blankets, hats, shoes and gloves to the childen freezing in the mountains.
We thank you for your continued prayers and financial support to go and do what God has called us to do in the mountains of Peru, bringing the gospel of Jesus to the lost and hurting by meetin a great need to change their lives, one person at a time.

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