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Matthew 25:34-40
We began our mobility ministry while in Peru in 2015
We have been providing blankets,hats, gloves, socks and shoes to the Quechua people in the Andes Mountains since 2012. While we were there on our anual blanket ministry we began the conversation on providing mobility products such as wheelchairs, walkers and other devices to aid in the ability to move more freely for the recipients.

Since our initial distribution in November of 2015, we have to date provided over 750 new wheelchairs along with an innumerable amo medical devices to aid in mobility.
We are currently carrying out two mission trips per year, one in November and one in May, our goal is to achieve 4 mission trips per year to help as many people as possible each trip.
Is to aquire a small piece of land in
Urubamba Peru
to build a warehouse and ministry center.
Our goal is to build a 4500 square foot ministry complex that will consist of a management office, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility on the main level.
On the second level we will have a kitchen and a dining area along with a media room and a sanctuary for church services. On the 3rd floor we will have 12 dormatories for visiting misionaries to stay while they participate in the ministry and distribution of goods and textiles including the asembly of the wheelchairs.

The warehouse will contain a steady supply of blankets and other textile goods, mobility products and staple foods for distibution on a regular basis, with a schedule of 4 mission trips per year with mutiple missionary volunteers, and an onsite full time manager.


To reach others with the love of God and share the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.


Meet the needs of those whom God has called us to serve.


Our community is a network of co-laborers who give and serve at home and in Peru, this network consist of many different individuals, churches, schools and a number of pastors who help us to plan and carry out every mission trip, with integrity, honor and dependability, so that we may better serve others with the best of our ability, and be accountrable to the ministry we are called to serve.

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